IWPC: A technology whitepaper on key features and challenges of 5G millimetre wave frequencies and mobile networks

By The International Wireless Industry Consortium

The 3GPP Release 15 introduces 5G technology intended to address the ITU-2020 goals including higher spectral efficiency, greater numbers of users, higher data rates, reduced latency, a more consistent user experience, higher device connection densities, prolonged device battery life, service-based core network, and much more. While many of the fundamental 5G technology components build on 4G technology, there are several technological advancements that are new in 5G. Included in these new features are mmWave frequency bands as an important aspect of 5G technology, attempting to alleviate mobile network capacity constraints in certain areas, and address new use cases related to factory automation, fixed wireless access, vehicular connectivity, and many others.

We’re proud that our CMO Mark Barrett has contributed to the IWPC’s whitepaper, which provides a comprehensive review of key technological features required to support mmWave frequency deployment, particularly for mobile network applications, handheld devices and the applicability of mmWave frequencies for vehicular connectivity use cases. You can read the full IWPC whitepaper, which offers in-depth technological analysis across a breadth of topics, here.