Powering connectivity: The next chapter of the Blu Wireless brand

By Robert Hughes


Over the last decade, Blu Wireless has successfully evolved from developing and licensing IP, all the way through to becoming a major wireless connectivity player. We’ve continually broken new ground, both technically and commercially.

2019 has been no exception. We’ve made progressive strides, successfully deploying our ultra-fast mmWave solutions in numerous high-speed transport use cases, while completing a trial network for the health sector in Liverpool. We also announced a commercial partnership with FirstGroup which is set to revolutionise commuter connectivity.

With the strength of our technology clear, along with its power to make waves across multiple industries, we felt it was time our online presence followed suit.

Tangible, accessible & commercially facing

As a global technology company powering the next generation of wireless connectivity, our site is often the first point of contact for potential customers, partners and our investors. It’s a window into Blu Wireless as a business; our bright, diverse team and our cutting-edge technology.

In our website refresh, we’ve incorporated bold colours and dynamic features to reflect this. The inclusion of videos now makes our offering tangible to a global audience, while our content is presented cleanly, communicating our thought leadership and insight more accessible than ever before.

But this is only the beginning of a new chapter for the Blu Wireless brand. The site provides us with a fantastic foundation to build from, allowing us to solidify our status as global players in our space and move in exciting new directions.