Movember Week 3

It’s now three weeks into Movember and the lip warmers are coming along nicely. The team has raised a collective total of £325 for the Movember testicular and prostate cancer awareness charity and we’re hoping to increase this significantly by the end of the month.

This being charity we’ll ask outright for your help and support for this very worthwhile charity. You can donate at our team page or our individual pages (see our team pages).

Last night also saw the NMI Awards, following last year’s Movember presence we offered to become the first Movember sponsor, with the best moustache receiving a trophy and £150 for their charity collection.

Photos from the night will be up as soon as we receive them but we wanted to say congratulations to Dialog Semiconductor’s Andy Repton for his fantastic Lemmy impersonation (see left for the Motorhead singer), there is a donation going to the Dialog Movember account as requested.

We also thought we’d try our luck and asked the NMI CEO, Derek Boyd, a famously hirsute member of the engineering community, to shave off his soup strainer in exchange for £100 to his favourite charity. He very kindly agreed – even going so far as to shave it off while on stage – and there is £100 going to the Mary Hare charity for deaf children.

Photos of this will also be made available as soon as we have them.

I should also say – and we were delighted to find out that – as a result of our original cheeky request, Derek has raised an additional £400 (£500 total) from people in the NMI Awards audience.

£650 for two very worthwhile charities. A fantastic night all round.