Employee Spotlight: Rula

Rula is an essential component of our team of Front-End Design and Verification Engineers. Originally from Jordan, Rula began her career in London as an IT Software Engineer for Lebanese TV station. For the last five years, she has focused her expertise on chip design, joining Blu Wireless in 2015.

We spoke to her to find out more about her time with the company and what motivates her on a daily basis.

What are your core responsibilities?

Rula: I’m responsible for delivering the blocks – which are components of the chips – at various maturity levels to the back end and Verification teams. I am involved throughout the whole SoC development process starting at HLS down and going up to gate level netlists, focusing on design and verification. I also help integrating third party IPs to our systems and documentation.

What is it about your role that you enjoy the most?

Rula: Every day I come into work, I know that I will be stimulated, which is a key motivator for me. Since being here, three chips have been created and each one has brought new and exciting challenges. I love tackling technical issues head on and get a lot of satisfaction from solving them. I think that’s really allowed me to really progress since I’ve been here.

What do you like about working with the rest of the Blu Wireless team?

Rula: Whatever department you’re working in, you collaborate with talented, genuine people. They inspire me and help me grow technically and personally.

What perks do employees at Blu Wireless benefit from?

Rula: By comparison to other places I’ve worked, Blu Wireless goes beyond providing the basics. I’m quite partial to the free pastries and cakes we get in the mornings, but I balance it out with fruit in the afternoons – I promise! There’s also some extra-curricular football and badminton which give everyone the opportunity to interact with people they don’t necessarily work alongside.

What would you say to anyone who was considering applying to Blu Wireless?

Rula: Be yourself and have confidence in your ability. Blu Wireless offers great opportunities to progress your skillset and there are lots of internal opportunities to take advantage of. Our tech really is cutting edge, so if you want to be part of a growing and exciting company, don’t miss the opportunity to apply!

If you had to describe Blu Wireless in three words, what would these be?

Rula: Authentic, innovative and dynamic.